l'Ao welcomes Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes for Soft Series No9

15 September
SS No9

The Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes includes: David D. McIntire: reeds, ocarina, objects, electronics; Brian Padavic: bass; and Ryan Oldham: trumpet, objects. The Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes is a performance group based in Kansas City, initiated by David D. McIntire. Its members are all composers who share an interest in free improvisation and compositional strategies that explore timbre and texture.

David D. McIntire has composed electroacoustic music since 1979. He once played in the Colorblind James Experience, the Whitman/McIntire Duo and the Hotheads, all of which embraced spontaneity and were comfortable with disorder. In 2010 he founded Irritable Hedgehog Music with pianist R. Andrew Lee, a micro-label specializing in minimal and electroacoustic music.

Brian Padavic is a composer and bassist who teaches at Johnson County Community College. As a performer, he is much in demand in Kansas City. His musical interests are wide-ranging, encompassing folk, jazz, and new music.

Ryan Oldham is a composer and musician based in Kansas City who teaches at UMKC and MCC Blue River. His children's opera, Numera, recently premiered to enthusiastic audiences.