Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Artistic Directors + Curators
Milica Paranosic, New York City Concert Director, Gallery MC
Robert Voisey, Executive Director, Vox Novus

Circuit Bridges was a monthly electroacoustic concert series, held at Gallery MC in New York City during 2014-2015. Our mission was to connect with similar organizations from around the globe that foster and promote innovative electroacoustic music and sound. Our concerts featured local composers and sound artists and those from visiting communities and immersed audiences in the vast wealth of electroacoustic music being created today.

In addition to producing NYC concerts, we co-produced bridge concerts around the world, bringing the total number of concerts to 40 for 2014-2015. The bridge concerts mirror those we produced in NYC and connected with institutions and communities beyond NY. Some of our collaborating partners and international venues included: Foundation for the Emerging Technologies (FETA, Miami), Khodynka Grand Gallery (Moscow), London School of Communication, Mobius (Cambridge, MA), Soundlings (international collective based in Amsterdam), Sydney Conservatory of Music (Australia), and others.

We produced several special live electroacoustic projects, including a collaboration with Eva Ingolf (electric violin), Nicole Antebi (animation) and 15 composers chosen from an open call. Since the premiere, at Gallery MC in June 2015, it has been performed 6 times (NYC, Boston, and three venues in Iceland).