I offer you, for 2 voices, Merlin, Game Boy, with animation by Nicole Antebi.

Multilingual Poetry Reading - Chapter 1, Love Poems Friday, June 29, 2018, 7 PM – 9 PM Brooklyn Art Library 28 Frost St Brooklyn, New York

“The language with which I make my poems has nothing to do with one spoken here, or anywhere.” — Paul Celan

Multilingual Poetry Reading is a series of poetry reading and performance events that encourage varying interpretations of the same poems in different languages and disciplines.
Special thanks to our host Brooklyn Art Library, a crowd-sourced library that features 40,609 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries. Event Organizer: Raincoat Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting artists with fluid identities and multiple cultural backgrounds. Poems include Jorge Luis Borges, Marina Tsvetaeva, Paul Celan, Vasko Popa, Charles Pierre Baudelaire.

Curated by Tansy Xiao