Photon Ecstasy (DNA Photon: Petite Field Illuminator Remix) composed, produced and performed by l'Artiste ordinaire [ Melissa Grey & David Morneau ] with Elizabeth A Baker / Payton MacDonald

Pete’s Candy Store Brooklyn
18 November 2017

Photon Ecstasy is a growing catalog of compositions that engages music, sound, science fiction, and interactive light. It is an expansion of the mythology created by Dan Rose in his artist book, The DNA-Photon Project, which tells the story of a top-secret government project that converted the DNA of a young woman into photons and beamed them out to the stars in order to mate with intelligent life and expand humanity into the far future universe.

Photon Ecstasy allows l’Artiste ordinaire to collaborate and connect with musicians, artists, engineers, and designers. The first installment, Photon Ecstasy (HD 7924), was commissioned by and premiered at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center in conjunction with the exhibition of Dan Rose’s artist books, Plaisirs Arbitraires | Arbitrary Pleasures (October 2016).