Photon Ecstasy (M44, NGC 2632) from Melissa Grey on Vimeo.

Melissa Grey

composer // mix // benjolin

Occasional Noise Trio

Cesare Papetti

Derin Öge

William Lang

Performed at Composers Concordance
5th annual Composers Play Composers Marathon - Band Theme - part of 'The MultiBand Festival'
Spectrum NYC
29 November 2015

Photon Ecstasy is inspired by Dan Rose's The DNA-Photon Project 1925-1995.

Dan's description:

The DNA-Photon Project is a fictitious international Big Science project supposedly built in great secrecy between 1925 and 1995 by defense contractors and government laboratories mainly in Japan, Russia, and the U.S. The work consists of 25 maquettes of imaginary full-scale machines that illustrates this most highly classified and largest international project of the twentieth century. The goal was to take the DNA from a young woman, code it as photons, and beam it to the trillions of worlds throughout the universe so that an earth human and the other humans would mate in order to accelerate intelligence and apply it to enhance the evolution of the far future universe.

Thank you to David Morneau for loaning his Benjolin.